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Jul 8th, 2007


@ 9:14 am

she's crafty [
let's see,
i finished my first class over the year and i'm seriously so glad it's over. i just tried finding out my grade, but they haven't been posted yet. that always makes me nervous.
i'll be finished with my job in 4 weeks and i'm ecstatic. i can't wait to move on to a real school with real students. am-a-zing.

i think i'm taking a trip to arizona at the end of the summer when i'm through with work and before i start my student teaching.
sedona looks beautiful

we're going to go on jeep tours and go see the grand canyon and ohhh i'm soo excited!! i've never been to arizona before and i think it's going to be pretty amazing.
i can't believe summer is almost over and i haven't gone to the beach once. someone please come to the beach with my one day because my boyfriend refuses to go. wahhh.
i was going to rearrange my room, but i might try and rally up some folk and head over to some smoothe sand and hot sun.
hopefully i won't get stuck sitting here watching the clean house marathon

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